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Can you believe we are almost 3 months through the year already?

Is it time to review how you have gone so far and re-set goals if needed?

Is this your year?


Do you plan on having an AMAZING year?

To achieve your goals you need to take action and move quickly.

Successful people achieve a lot because they keep moving towards their goals; they see obstacles as challenges and keep moving forward.  They are often described as people who fail fast and keep failing fast until they succeed – never losing sight of the ultimate goal.

They are very productive and one of these people, who I know, Jason, is so productive and focused, he can get done in 3 hours what most would take 3 months to do!  Jason wrote a book on the subject, his book inspired me to write this list.

I have set myself a challenge this year and that is to be more productive than ever before and I have given myself some quantifiable goals to be able to measure my success as I go along!  It is important for me this year to get a good balance of work and play!  The plan is the key, so I am planning, not wishing and hoping (as I may have done sometimes in the past).

Now that I have set my goals and decided my path – this is very exciting!

To support my success I have agreed with myself to stick by some basic guidelines, many taken from Jason’s book that I would like to share with you.

Here are my 10 guidelines to being SUPER Productive and having an AMAZING YEAR.

  1. Be mindful and expansive; begin every task in the optimal state of mind. Be aware of your energy levels throughout the day and work in your best productive times.
  2. Plan every day; never start a day without a plan.  Be realistic, focus on no more than 3 things.  Review at the end of every day.
  3. Set time limits and hard deadlines for tasks, once the deadline is reached the task is done.  No extension. If you were heading off on holidays and had a plane to catch, you would not extend the deadline to complete the task you would just get it done.  Keep these deadlines as if you are going on holidays.  Getting things completed frees up your life energy for the next task.
  4. Develop systems; don’t recreate a task you complete often, over and over again.  Systems and structure free up time and allow you to hand over tasks to other people in your team, always be creating these.
  5. Limit your choices, too many choices slows decisions and sucks your time.
  6. Make decisions quickly, become a great decision maker. Just keep moving forward, flip a coin if necessary to allow you to move on.
  7. Divide your daily list into “Must get done” items (no more than 3) and “Things I’d like to do today”.
  8. Complete one task at a time, focus and get into flow until it is complete. Turn email and social media off, there is a time for these, do not leave them on to distract you during focussed work times.
  9. Maintain a ‘Learning to Action’ Ratio of 1:5, for every 1 hour of learning; take 5 hours of action on that learning.  This ensures that learning is applied and maximised.
  10. Stay fit and healthy, this is critical to achieving more.  Maintain the 3 pillars of exercise, nutrition and meditation.  Have fun and reward yourself for your efforts.

I hope that my 10 guidelines help you to take charge and make this the best year yet. In Jason Fladlein’s book which I highly recommend he goes through a lot more tips, so if you’re serious about moving forward do read this book.

Jason has given me a special discount link to his book for my friends, this will be expire on the 24th at midnight EST. This link gives you a $10 discount on this book $29.95 instead of the regular $39.95 price.  This is an invaluable resource at any price.  Access this here  (please note this is an affiliate link).

If you have any more great tips or have used any of the above and enjoyed, I’d love to hear from you! Please let me know your thoughts in the comments section below.

Thanks and have an amazing year!

Helen 😛

Inspiration & Motivation

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