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Hello all,

I am a life long advocate of human potential. I

fundamentally believe, and have done so for as long as

I can remember, that we human beings have

far greater capacity than anyone knows. This book is

about exploring that capacity through Weight


I have always known that there is a much greater person living within me and as I evolve and grow there still is a much greater person inside. The potential for growth and development only stops when we choose to depart from this life, not before.

A lot of what you will read in this book has been taken from my own journey.

Looking back I can see that at every point in my life where I had an issue with my weight, there was something other than what I was eating that was driving the outcome.

I actively started my own personal development journey in 1992 and have been a life coach since 2000. Over the years I became increasingly frustrated by the lack of lasting change I saw in people, the number who got stuck along the journey, and how slow the processes were.

I was introduced to the modality of Theta Healing in 2005 and discovered that when a person is ready healing and change can be instant – the only thing getting in the way of this is you and your beliefs.

Ultimately finding and walking my own path, the path that makes my heart sing and brings joy, laughter and love into my life daily is the answer for me.

I work locally and internationally doing Weight Consciousness telephone consultations with clients. If you are interested in learning more please email me at

I wish you well on your journey.

Helen Meader

January 2009

For Private Sessions email me at

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