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Change of Season – A Time for Growth


Changes in seasons provide the opportunity for growth and personal change.

Whether you are in Autumn or Spring… change is happening, it is all around you – and within


To celebrate the change I have a special bonus for you!

Changes in season are a good time to look ahead,  

through the doorway to the future and clear the path to move ahead easily.

A Theta Healing session at this time may give you just the boost you need to create an amazing completion to 2012.

***** Change of Season Special Package *****

50% off the regular price of a 1:1 1hr Skype Healing Session

Simply book 3 sessions today to obtain this huge discount.

PLUS  A bonus audio to wok with daily to assist you to move forward faster and more effectively. Value $19.95.

Regular price for 3 sessions is $300, this week’s special is 3 sessions for just $150! That’s a saving of $150.

NOTE: There are limited spaces for this offer so you will get in on a first come first served basis.

This special ends midnight Thursday 13th September and sessions will be scheduled over the coming 3 months.


Click the link below to take advantage of this special and make some significant changes in your life today!