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Weight Loss Healing

Hi, Helen here

Private weight loss healing sessions are available by appointment, I work with clients all over the world on telephone.

Telephone costs are covered by myself.



I had the most amazing session with Helen on weight loss. Helen is gentle, loving and caring. She has a strong connection with Creator and together they guided the session to exactly where I needed it, to be most effective. I am still in awe with how quickly she got to the root of my issues, got me to the positive and shifted them. I am a whole new me today – and I am so grateful! Thank you so much Helen – and many, many blessings!
Glenyce Hughes
Vermilion, Alberta, Canada

I work with all clients on the telephone, call costs are at my expense.  At the allocated time I call you and we work together.  Usually there are some additional processes to be completed by you between sessions and there is full email support available between sessions.  We will work together to support your success. Working with the Weight Consciousness process there is a structured 5 sessions program available with between session processes to be completed.  These are structured for you personally depending on where you are at and the issues you are working with.  You will find that using the book and the additional processes that are tailored for you, you can then work on yourself between sessions and your progress is much faster and more effective as you are taking personal control of your healing. The way the sessions are structured our first session is 1.5hrs this enables us to spend some time exploring exactly where you are at and what you wish to achieve, this first 1.5hr session is USD$150, then after that sessions are USD$100 for 1hr. Alternatively you can purchase the five session package that includes the first 1.5hr session and then 4 1hr sessions, normal price USD$550 discounted when buying 5 to USD$500 which gives you one half hour session for free. Yes, I would like to work through the 5 session process, 5.5hrs for USD$500

I would like to start with one session, 1.5hrs for USD$150, click here

For More Information on booking a Private Theta Healing Weight Loss Session email me at

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