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Dr Bruce Lipton

Hi There

I wanted to share this video of Dr Bruce Lipton discussing the Biology of belief with Dr Wayne Dyer.  I think you will love it.

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2 Responses to “Dr Bruce Lipton”

  1. Alicia says:

    MUCH GRATITUDE to you for posting this video! At this point in my weightloss journey this came I right on time for me! WOW the power of our mind is Amazing! I must read this book

    Thank you again!

  2. DJ says:

    Thanks… I continually find it amazing that so many individuals cannot, and I mean cannot think for themselves. They are bound by rules and regulations made by others (some call them ‘experts’) and they have no clue that they are imprisoned. Same with Economics, Politics and Religion in many cases.

    We don’t need some scientist with some new machine to tell us that something exists, but so many people do. In fact, if you look at writings and the bios of Einstein, Newton, DaVinci, Pythagoras, Plato, etc… those that many would consider ‘left brainers’ because of their mathematical influence–which, imo, is nothing more than rehashing what is already known within–have no idea that ALL of them studied what many would consider ‘occultism’ or ‘mysticism’ via Masons, or other organizations.

    Only when we have the right brain and left brain functioning together will we rise up as a whole… numbers mean nothing unless you use them creatively in the form of art, music, architecture etc., but many don’t get this. Sad. They need proof by science, where proof cannot be given because we have an infinitesimal understanding and largely go by what we can prove via some instrument, and even then, those that use instruments for discovery, like Rife, are mocked, ridiculed and shut down by the powers that be.

    It is hard to rise our consciousness because everyday, we are constantly bombarded by images, frequencies, and verbals that purposely keep us down, but, that will end and it all starts with belief and the understanding that we are not advanced… only advanced societies, more than likely, live in harmony with nature and other beings.

    Misinformation, disinformation and deceit are how the game is currently played and the major deceivers are in our science and medical fields–not because they choose to deceive, but because they have been forced into thinking in that manner because if not, consequences will follow. Fear, and threats work on humans quite well unless we are able to break free and know that discovery is not only found in a lab under the watchful eyes of profiteers.

    Thanks for spreading truth… or at least promoting what you believe as truths and giving others the chance to alter their beliefs in some manner.


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