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A Belief is Not a Truth

How often do we take our beliefs to be truths?

A belief is not a truth, rather seeing a belief is an opportunity to explore and discover aspects of yourself.

We choose our beliefs, whether consciously or unconsciously, and so have the choice to keep them – or not.

Choosing your beliefs is like choosing to buy new clothes.  You see something, you like it, you try it on, you look in the mirror to see if it reflects who you are – your face to the world.

If it fits and you like it, you buy it or in the case of a belief – you buy into it.

Many of us forget at times to clear out the closet of our beliefs, to pull them out see if they still fit, decide to keep them or decide to get rid of them.

A change of seasons is often a good time to clear out the old and make some new choices in your life.

Weight Loss is no different from any other belief (or piece of clothing) we decide to keep or take on board in our lives except maybe we add more emotion and attachment to it!

Take the time regularly to examine the beliefs you are choosing to keep in relation to your weight and ask yourself “Is this one I want to keep?”.  If you do not want to keep it, take action to change it, to clear out the old debris that is no longer supporting you.

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