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Theta Healing

The Truth About Beliefs and

Weight Loss!

You have the tools and resources to

Effectively Lose Weight

you just haven’t known how

to access them…

Until NOW

Dear Fellow Theta Healing Practitioner

There is a big problem in the weight loss marketplace that just never seems to be addressed…..
The reality is that few people are truly successful in the long term!!
How many diets have you followed in the past?
If you had achieved long term success you would not be reading this.

There is a reason that you are having difficulty losing weight and keeping it off


This Book Delivers
“‘Weight Consciousness’ by Helen Meader is a book that delivers.  If you have ever felt hopeless from the pain and frustration of yo-yo dieting and felt like losing weight is a pointless exercise, Helen’s book will reignite that spark of hope.  As she so aptly puts it; “Weight Consciousness” is not about increasing your potential for success, it’s about increasing your ACTUAL success.  If you are willing to search within, then this book is a necessary companion for the journey.  Helen has covered every imaginable reason for holding on to extra weight and through her thorough research will guide you as you learn to work with your body and release that which stops you from being your desired weight.  It is the perfect resource for coaches, healers and anyone desiring to permanently rebalance their body weight.  Do yourself a favour and buy the book!”
Domenica Papalia, Sydney, AU
Human Change and Energy Alignment Expert
Certified Instructor of all levels of Theta Healing and
Accredited Nature’s Path & Vianna Stibal Teacher Mentor

“The Weight Consciousness book by Helen Meader is wonderful!  It is by far the best book I have seen on this subject and is very detailed and organized to teach from.  I use it in teleclasses on weight loss, self esteem, and body and relationship issues.  I also use it as a separate class by itself and as part of different practice Theta groups thoughout the year. I love all the different categories and details she goes into in the book and the downloads are fabulous; people love them!  I would highly recommend this book for Theta Healing Pracitioners and Teachers, and others who may do teleclasses or in person classes on various subjects.  It is a wonderful resource.”
Suzanne Roloff, Certificate of Science Theta Healing
Madison, Wisconsin,

A Thought Provoking and Stimulating Guide
A thought provoking and stimulating guide to changing your weight. Weight Consciousness provides a clear process to bring lasting change for those wanting to become slim.
Jackie Curran, Sydney, AU
Director, Laughter Lawyers, the Laughter Yoga professionals.

There is a huge need in the community for clearing these beliefs so that people can gain optimal health and the life they desire.

If you too are interested in healing the world in this way, the book Weight Consciousness has the answers for you.

Whether you are a Theta Healing Practitioner looking for ways to work with clients and weight loss

or you are looking to clear your own beliefs – this book is for you.


“Helen, thank you.
Your insights and clarity have supported my journey immensely.”
C.C., Marketing Executive, Sydney, AU

Wisdom and Positive Energy
“Thanks again for your support, wisdom and positive energy.
Our meeting was very profound and once again our discussions have helped tremendously. I feel as though I know where I am going again.”
Chantal, Sydney, AU

My Thoughts are Lighter and More Positive
“With Helen’s perseverance and strength I have come to realise that I have the answers as to how I want my life to be and who I am. I have been carrying a lot of negative beliefs about myself that I was able to express and release and I no longer need to hold onto them. My thoughts are lighter and more positive.”
D.M., Sydney, AU

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Take a look at what is inside the book

Weight Consciousness

Changing the Beliefs that Prevent Permanent Weight Loss

♥ You will learn the Role of Intention on Page 11
♥ On Page 13 you will clear anything that gets in the way of making the Decision to be your ideal weight
♥ Then discover how to Set a Goal that is in alignment with your head and your heart, this is on Page 15
♥ Page 18 reveals the beliefs that need to be cleared in order to Commit to this Decision
♥ Discover the 3 Distinct Areas that need to be addressed
♥ On Page 23 you will look at Beliefs that Got You Here and how to clear them
♥ Page 30 reveals specific issues relating to Parts of the Body
♥ On Page 39 you will look at Personal Challenges
♥ And on Page 43 there are Amazing Feelings to teach
♥ On Page 49 you will continue the journey by looking specifically at What Keeps You Stuck and how to see weight issues as your guide to growth
♥ What are the things you do to Stay Fat Page 51
♥ Are you Listening to your body Page 53
♥ Physical Attractiveness in today’s world Page 57
♥ Resentment, Rejection & Regret Page 64
♥ On Page 71 you will clear issues about Toxins
♥ Learn about the Pain of Hunger on Page 73
♥ And on Page 78 Positive Beliefs to download and Amazing Feelings to teach
♥ Page 85 What are the beliefs about Moving Forward
♥ Yearning Page 87
♥ Hanging On & Letting Go Page 87
♥ What is Conscious & Unconscious Weight Page 90
♥ Heart & Soul Page 92
♥ The Next Step Page 101
♥ Success Actions Page 109
♥ What Makes You Feel Great Page 120


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Weight Consciousness has 144 Pages on
Weight Loss Beliefs with
Over 700 Beliefs Listed And
Over 300 Positive Beliefs to Download and
Feelings To Teach


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